In an increasingly litigious society professional liability insurance covers you for the causes that result from the advice or services you deliver to your clients. Professional Liability Insurance helps you protect your reputation and allows you to exercise your business serenely. In particular it covers the costs of repairing the damage you have caused and the compensation of your client. It helps you during your costs of defense during any misfortune. The possible damages and interests can be put at your expense by a jurisdiction. As a specialist insurer the expert company is liable protecting your business in the following areas, Trades of IT, Trades marketing and communication, Job security, Trades board in business, Trades welfare, Trades of education, Trades of culture and leisure, Psychology and coaching Trades, Tourism and professionals and in Media trades.

Is professional insurance compulsory?

Professional Liability is only mandatory for certain professionals such as private security guards or travel and holiday operators. Regarding the premises that you occupy as a tenant in the course of your professional activity you are liable to your lessor for damages that are caused and the law requires you to make sure to take care of these risks. When it is not mandatory the fact remains that professional insurance is a real additional security for you and your business that should not be neglected. In addition, the Professional Liability Insurance will allow you to respond to the demand for a more and more frequent professional certification of clients and is a proof of solidity and reliability for your partners.

What price for your insurance?

The price of your insurance depends on several criteria including for example for the Professional Liability, your turnover, your activities and the level of guarantee chosen. To obtain a first estimate of the amount of your insurance you can get closer to your broker. If you are looking for a Professional Civil Liability you can also make your insurance quote online. To find an insurance policy that is perfectly suited to your business it is essential to go through an initial evaluation phase. What are the risks that you will incur in the course of your activity and what would be the financial consequences?

Conclusion: classification of your need

Other insurance for your company are business liability insurance covers damage caused to third parties by the company or its staff.Business interruption insurance compensates when the company stops its activity after a disaster. Legal protection covers of legal costs in case of litigation with third parties.Financial protection covers of claims resulting in loss of customer.The credit insurance hedging loss Claims for credits granted to a customer.Professional IT insurance covers in case of deterioration of computer equipment or files.