Treating Glaucoma Using Natural Remedies

Glaucoma is a major neurological disease in the eye that arises slowly and makes the vision disappear. If left unchecked, glaucoma can cause complications until blindness. This is because the outlet of the eyeball is blocked, causing the eyeball to dilate and pressing the eye nerve in the back of the eyeball until the nerve does not get blood flow and die.

Symptoms of glaucoma include eye pain because the eyes are swollen, mild headaches, when looking at the source of the light will appear rainbow around the light, the peripheral perspective of the edge, the desire to blink continuously, and the impaired vision that is not clear as difficult to adapt in darkness.

Glaucoma should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. If ignored, the disease will continue to grow even cause blindness. Eyes that are damaged by glaucoma cannot be treated until healed until they return to normal. Treatment usually aims only to reduce intraocular pressure on the eyes and prevent the spread of damage to the eye. For that, you are strongly advised to immediately perform treatment for complications of this disease does not appear. The Canadian Pharmacy Online is the best alternative way if you want to use medical cannabis safely.

The natural remedy of glaucoma with minimal side effects

One of the treatments of glaucoma that can be done is to utilize natural ingredients that exist around. Here are some natural ingredients that you can use to treat glaucoma disease.


As we already know, carrots are a kind of excellent vegetables to maintain eye health. It is in because inside the carrot itself contained high enough Beta-carotene, so it could be an alternative choice of natural ingredients to treat glaucoma tau other eye diseases.


Who are the natural ingredients that we often encounter in this kitchen can also be used to treat eye neurological diseases such as glaucoma? It is indeed because in the herbal medicine plant this one contained some natural compounds that are very useful in healing glaucoma

Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis can be used to prevent glaucoma because it can relieve pressure on the eyeball. Now also being developed Canada Drugs to cope with glaucoma by Cannabis basic ingredients.

Sunflower seed

The next glaucoma drug is sunflower seeds. In it contained various elements of natural compounds are used to treat to prevent glaucoma disease early. several vitamin B2, vitamin E, selenium, and zinc. In addition to glaucoma disease, some of the other eye diseases can be overcome by using sunflower seeds as well as eye cataracts and other visual disturbances caused by aging.

Basil seeds

The next natural ingredient that we can use for alternative medicine glaucoma is basil seeds. As for how to use it, you can provide a basil seed that has been cleaned, then you can put it into the eyes slowly. try to close your eyes for a moment and open it slowly again.