Employee safety is vital in today’s business world. Not only do work-related injuries cost hundreds of billions of dollars every year, but they also damage companies and their employees’ lives. A quick search for workmans comp Oregon confirms that employers have very specific responsibilities with regard to workplace safety.

Hazard Recognition

Employers are responsible for identifying and mitigating all the hazards in their work environments. For example, they should have policies that prevent walkway obstruction. They should review their procedures for each job to ensure they are not putting employees in dangerous situations. They may also research machinery or other tools to make workers’ jobs easier on their bodies.

OSHA Compliance

Business owners should also ensure they are in compliance with all OSHA’s rules and regulations with regard to mitigating hazards. Some of these rules include signage, such as posters listing employees’ rights, precautions for hazardous chemicals or environments, first aid stations and emergency exits. Companies should also appoint a compliance officer to work as a liaison between the company and OSHA and ensure that all the OSHA standards are met.

Record Keeping

Organizations must keep detailed records of their safety policies and procedures as well as their OSHA compliance records. In addition, they need to maintain detailed accounts of employee injuries because of reporting requirements. For example, fatalities must be reported within 8 hours. Not only will OSHA want these records, but the employer’s insurance company may also need access in the event of an injury.


Proper training programs are vital. Not only should training involve an employee’s job duties, but it should also discuss safety procedures and protocols. In addition, employees should receive training about responsibilities for their own and others’ safety at work. They need to know the safety policies of the company, injury reporting procedures and locations of the first aid stations and safety manuals.

Employers can protect their workers by promoting a safety culture and starting safety programs. However, accidents may still happen. Consult with an attorney if you have questions about workplace safety.