Get to know Glaucoma, Prevention, and Treatment

Glaucoma is the factor that most causes blindness in almost all humans on this earth. In other words, glaucoma is a type of eye disease that causes second blindness after cataracts. Of the approximately 1.2 million sufferers of eye blindness, about 0.2 percent of them experience blindness due to glaucoma.

There are many factors that cause damage to the eye nerves, such as reduced blood supply to the eye’s nerve tissue area, the presence of health problems in the eye’s nerve tissue, the weakness of the structure of the eye nerve, the increase in pressure in the eyeball. Well, it is related to the increase in fluid pressure in the eyeball as a result of the obstruction of the fluid flow of the eyeball. In the liquid eyeball, there is a clear liquid that carries oxygen and nutrients/essential nutrients to the parts of the eye.

Risk factors for contracting glaucoma, including hereditary factors, namely a history of glaucoma in the family, myopia sufferers, eye injuries, and ethnic groups. History of diabetes, hypertension, and migraines is also a risk factor for the onset of glaucoma. Prolonged and continuous use of steroids, such as inhaler eye drops for asthmatics, steroid drugs for arthritis, and other drug-taking steroids can trigger a risk factor for glaucoma.

Prevention and Treatment

  1. For treatment, although there is no way to cure glaucoma, the loss/damage of vision can be controlled or prevented. Treatment includes: first, eye drops: this method is the most common and often and must be done regularly. Some patients can get a good response from a drug while others can get no response, but the choice of treatment must be tailored to the needs of the patient and the type of glaucoma. You can also contact the Medical marijuana Canada for a treatment using the medical marijuana.
  2. Laser Trabeculoplasty, this is done if eye drops do not stop vision damage. In most cases, even though this laser procedure has been performed, eye drops must still be given. This laser action does not require patients to be hospitalized.
  3. Trabeculectomy, this is done if eye drops and laser handling fail to be able to control eye pressure. A channel is made to allow eye fluids to flow out. This action can save the remaining vision but does not improve vision.
  4. Treatment with herbal methods, there are many studies, one of which mentions that Marijuana can be used to overcome and prevent eye glaucoma which increases pressure in the eyeball, damages the optic nerve, and causes loss of vision. Marijuana reduces the pressure. Based on research that people who burn marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure in people with normal pressure and people with glaucoma. The effect of marijuana can slow down the process of this disease while preventing blindness, this treatment in the world of health is commonly called “Medical marijuana“.