It is not surprising that many people are unsure of what exactly the bond system is and how it works. Essentially, bail bonds are used to allow a person to go free between the time he or she is charged with a crime to the time when the charge is adjudicated. If the crime is a serious one, the amount of the bail will be quite high. In the case of a minor crime, the bail will be set low or a person will be released on his or her own recognizance. A person can consider several different bond types through bail bonds Scranton PA.


Many people get their information about bail bonds through the movies. As represented in cinema, the industry is certainly an interesting one full of intrigue and dangerous moments. In reality, though, many of these portrayals result in misunderstandings about the bail business. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions related to the bail business:

  • Bail companies are always located in seedy areas
  • Bail bonds are too expensive
  • Bail is a complete exoneration of charges
  • The business is unregulated
  • The business is shady

When a person is out on bail, he or she must still meet the requirements of the court system. This often includes periodic contacts with authorities until a court case is scheduled and ultimately decided.


The bail system can be confusing and stressful because most people are unfamiliar with the process. In the past, the industry was less regulated, but now it includes many layers of regulation. Most areas require a bail bondsman to be licensed and to undergo a certain level of education and testing. A company also must meet certain financial requirements as required by a regulatory entity. Bail bondsman play a vital role in the criminal justice system.